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Why is my bill being multiplied?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Have you ever noticed the multiplier on your electric bill? Take a look at your largest bill and you'll see it in the same area as the monthly meter readings.


For large users of electricity, the volume of power consumed can't all travel directly through the meter without damaging the meter. Your electric company meets this challenge using current transformers (CTs), a donut shaped measuring device connected to the meter.

The wires bringing power into your facility are routed through the hole in the center of these "donuts" instead of directly into the meter. As the power flows through the CT a portion is measured and that measurement is recorded by the meter.

In the case of the customer who received the bill shown above, the CTs are measuring 1/80th of the actual electricity being used. As a result, the monthly meter readings are multiplied by 80 before the utility bills the customer.

Billing errors involving multipliers can lead to significant long term overcharges on electric bills. We've developed proprietary algorithms to help us identify multiplier problems, just one of the many different types of errors we uncover when performing billing audits for our clients.

While we hope that was helpful, you may still have questions. If you do, call us at (813) 917-8952 and let us help with an answer.


Hi, I'm Kent Hobart and I'm different. I have a level of knowledge and experience in utility billing and rate structures that is rare and yes, a little weird.

I started Utility Refund Specialists as a way to use my "different" skills to serve organizations like yours. We audit our client's utility bills and identify errors in the billing that earn them refunds from their electric, water and gas providers. I know, it's hard to believe but 3 in every 4 clients we work with have errors in their bills.

The rate of occurrence is so high and the refund amounts are large enough, I will perform your audit for free. I only get paid after I secure you a refund!

Interested in learning more? Use this link to set up a 30- minute discovery call. Want to talk sooner, give me a call at (813) 917-8952 or send me an email.

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