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Monthly Review Process

Most of us get our monthly utility bill, compare the total at the bottom to last month’s or last year’s and if the totals are close we assume the bill is correct. If we aren’t satisfied with that analysis, we may go a step further and look at the top of the bill to compare the actual amount of electricity, gas or water metered this month to make sure we aren’t being victimized by a “faulty meter”.

Eighty percent of the clients we serve have errors in their bills each month and the review process outlined above has never identified those errors. The errors go undetected for years, buried in the middle of the bill in the calculations where the utility applies its approved rates to your metered consumption.

The errors we find occur when the utility misapplies those rates or charges you for things that shouldn’t be a part of your bill. The impact of these errors is included in your total bill amount each month, but unless we dig into those calculations and find the errors, you won’t be successful in reducing that bottom line.

It’s a little like this pastrami sandwich, the top and bottom slices of rye bread are important, but the most important part, the pastrami itself, is sitting there in the middle. We can nibble on the bread all we want, but to find the real value in the sandwich we've got to bite into that promising middle.

At Utility Refund Specialists, we’re experts in that middle part of your bill. We have decades of experience in finding those errors and working with utilities to get them corrected. Our work probably won’t change the amount of energy or water you are billed for each month. But, we will make sure you are paying as little as possible for what you do use and if the utility has been over charging we’ll make sure you get your money back!

Have a question about this post or something on your bill? Call us at (813) 917-8952 and let us help with an answer.


Hi, I'm Kent Hobart and I'm different. I've been blessed with a knowledge of utility billing and rate structures that is rare and yes, a little weird.

I started Utility Refund Specialists as a way to use my unique skills in serving organizations like yours. We audit our client's utility bills and identify errors in the billing that earn them refunds from their utility providers. I know, it sounds crazy but over 80% of the clients we work with have errors in their bills.

The incidence of errors is so frequent and the refund amounts are large enough, we can perform the audits for free. We only get paid after we secure you a refund!

Interested in learning more? Use this link to set up a 15- minute discovery call. Want to talk sooner, give me a call at (813) 917-8952 or send me an email.

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