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Irrigation Metering

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

In many months landscape irrigation may be your largest source of water consumption. Dedicated meters serving only your irrigation system offer an opportunity for significant savings when compared to the cost of purchasing that water through your main water meter.

It's all the same water, so why the difference in price? The answer is sewer charges. Water purchased through your main water meter is assumed to eventually go down the drain into

the sewer system and require wastewater processing.

Except in very rare cases utilities don't meter wastewater volume, they rely on your metered water consumption instead. Monthly sewer charges are calculated based on metered water consumption.

Because irrigation water is absorbed by your landscape and doesn't enter the sewer system, the utility won't incur wastewater processing costs for that water. Most water utilities have special irrigation only rate classes that eliminate any charges for wastewater processing.

If your facility makes significant use of landscape irrigation and you don't have a dedicated irrigation meter you may want to consider adding one. The costs to add the irrigation meter and reroute your water piping will be your responsibility, but many users find these costs can be recovered quickly with the savings they enjoy from the eliminated wastewater costs.

Still have questions? Call us at (813) 917-8952 and let us help with an answer.


Hello, I'm Kent Hobart and I'm different. I've been blessed with a knowledge of utility billing and rate structures that is rare and yes, a little strange.

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