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Utility Refund Specialists

There's a very good chance your organization is overspending each month because of errors in your utility bills.  Nationally, two thirds of utility customers are being billed incorrectly. 


We audit your electric, gas and water bills to find the errors, then work directly with the utility providers to secure your refund. Our services are provided on a contingency basis, you pay nothing unless we find errors that save you money.

Want to learn more?  Use this link to schedule a 15-minute discovery call.  Don't want to wait? Call us today at (813) 917-8952.

Our Process

What We Do

You have plenty to focus on each day making sure your organization is meeting the needs of your customers.  URS works hard to make our relationship one where we do the work and you reap the benefits. After an initial meeting where we formalize our relationship and you share the most recent copy of your utility bills, we'll get to work finding your refund.



Many of the potential errors we identify can be found by reviewing a single bill, for most we will need to review a full twelve months of history. Once you give us copies of your bills, we'll get to work.



A comprehensive audit begins once we have a full year of billing history. Our process involves an exhaustive review of your billing statements and usage trends looking for over 10 categories of potential errors on each one.  In some cases a site visit may be required to confirm the validity of items contained in your billing.



When our initial review or comprehensive analysis  uncovers errors that entitle you to a refund, URS will notify your utility provider and manage the process to get you your money back.




URS will provide you with a written report documenting our findings.  This report will include a detailed look at any errors we uncovered and the financial impact of getting those corrected. We will also present opportunities we see for rate changes that will save you money moving forward and seek your approval in implementing these changes.



With your approval URS will work with your utility providers to initiate the recommended rate changes.  URS will also follow up on requested refunds to ensure you receive them and will begin periodic reviews to make sure new errors aren't eroding your anticipated savings.



Our services are provided on a contingency basis. Only after you have received a refund or realized other savings as a result of our work will you receive a bill from us. 

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“When Kent approached us with the offer to audit our utility bills, it wasn't something we had ever thought about doing. We paid our bills each month and always assumed they were correct.  But within days Kent let us know he had found an error on one of our accounts. Getting that error corrected saved us hundreds of dollars each month on our bills and within two weeks we had a refund check from the electric company for over $12,000!”

Paul Alonso

Senior Pastor

Wahoo Baptist Church

Wahoo, FL

Ready to find out more?

Call us crazy, but we are passionate about auditing utility bills and finding opportunities for our clients in utility rate structures.

Strange?  Of course it is.

But what an opportunity it is for you! Why not take advantage of our unique passion and put us to work recovering dollars that can be used to advance your mission or improve your bottom line?  

Click the red button below to schedule a short Discovery Call, so we can learn more about your operations and explore how we could work together.

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